Integration with core business applications
Managing Projects
Branding Portals
Application Development
Building Intranets
Streamlining your contact center
Visualizing data
Tracking time
Creating Realtime Alerts
Marketing campaigns
Understanding your clients
Empowering your users
CRM Software

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Application development & integration made simple
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The Pillars of Polystack

Polystack is a comprehensive, low-code, component based, application platform that allows your business to
orchestrate any process while connecting to any data source to unlock its full value.

Paint Your Process

Rapidly configure or customize any application with our robust UI component library, whether it's CRM, ERP, Event Management, Project Management or any bespoke application you desire.

Discover Your Data

Unlock your data and bind any source to any component. Aggregate and visualize from either any external or new data source.

Unleash Your Users

Empower your users across any department with tailored configurations and applications specific to any use case, without the headache or worry of purchasing multiple license types.

Any User Interface

Regardless of the level of complexity, Polystack’s Themes Component makes UI customization easy. Build an external portal for your customers and partners to match your existing web branding or construct a slick internal look and feel with zero development!

Build your UI

Any Business Process

Support any business process on Polystack, without the headache of expensive consultants or resource-intensive development. Utilize Polystack out-of-the-box functional solutions or quickly configure your own to support distinct processes across any of your departments; all within a single application.

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Any Datasource

Connect to any available API in minutes with zero development! Polystack’s configuration-based integration allows you to aggregate and visualize data from any 3rd party or internal data source. Whether you choose to store data in Polystack or just expose it in a custom interface, connect in minutes with Polystack!

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How Polystack Can Help

Polystack is a new type of development platform. Based on the collective frustration of our team of consultants and our clients, Polystack provides the features and functions of an enterprise platform without the lengthy implementation time and exploitative licensing costs of traditional solutions.

Polystack provides solutions for core business technology needs like CRM, ERP, Portal and Project Management, while also nimble enough to rapidly support bespoke use cases. Learn more about why more and more small and medium sized business are ditching costly technology in favor of Polystack today

Rapid Execution
Tackle Projects Of Any Size
With Or Without A Dev Team
Drive Digital Transformation
Improve Operational Efficiencies

Connectors and Data Sources

Need Something You Don't See Here?

We Can Connect To Any API.

We have pre-built connectors to many datasources as well. We sell a platform to businesses for
specific things like CRM, HR, Budgeting, etc

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